About Us

Sunsoft is a professional services firm specializing in Information Technology consulting, outsourcing services, managed services, network security and application development. We help all companies from FORTUNE 500 to mid-sized and small meet their business needs through cost-effective outsourced and technology services that deliver measurable results.

At Sunsoft, we understand that outsourcing is about more than filling production gaps – it’s about developing a strategic partnership that creatively and effectively solves business problems using the latest technology and strategic thinking. We can provide the application or software development overall outsourcing strategy or all of the above plus a full-scale implementation.

Our IT and managed services solutions are designed to meet the needs of clients in every sector. We have worked with a variety of industries, including insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, life sciences, supply chain management, government, retail and workforce management companies.

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Our Approach

At Sunsoft, we judge ourselves by a few simple metrics:

⦁ Client satisfaction

⦁ Reliability of our solutions

⦁ Unbeatable value

Today’s world moves quickly and we provide the solutions that allow our clients to keep pace with their competitors, while focusing on what they do the best – running their businesses. The reason why we focus on long-term client relationships is because we can add more value by anticipating and responding to the changes in their industries.

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Who We Are

We are tech-optimists who believe that technology can not only change the way businesses do things, but also help them redefine themselves. It's with this vision we started Sunsoft Solutions in 2005.

We began with providing IT solutions to North American businesses, but soon diversified into employee training strategy consulting and product development.

Today we are dedicated to increasing the uptake of financial and regulatory technology by organizations around the world with a view to transform the way businesses transact.

Our Vision

At Sunsoft, we see ourselves through your eyes. We want to be the market leader – not just through the quality of services we provide, but for our relationships with our clients and our recruitment and retention of our staff. Whether you are a FORTUNE 500 company, a small business or a medium-sized corporation, we want to build a long-term strategic relationship with you that’s mutually beneficial from the beginning – and evolves as technology changes, strategies develop and your company grows.

We’ve developed the expertise that has helped us build the best team – and provide the highest return on investment for our clients consulting and technology budgets. Contact us today to speak with one of our highly trained professionals and learn more about what Sunsoft can do for you.

Our Mission

For the past 15 years, we have focused solely on using our expertise network and experience to serve the needs of our clients. Our Mission is delivering results for clients that move the needle – financially, strategically and technologically – so that they can be the best in their industries. That’s what makes us the best in our industry.

We do this through unparalleled support and being creatively synergized with our clients, while being mindful of the results and cost savings they seek to achieve. We also do this through recruitment of highly skilled qualified staff and retention through working in the best environments with the best clients.

Our continuing objectives are:

1. Provide the absolute highest quality consulting services and customer support to our clients.
2. Establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships with both our clients and our staff.
3. Deliver every day superior performance with superior people for superior results.
4. Stay abreast – and ahead of – the latest technological landscape.
5. Recruit and retain the best staff in the industry.

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